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Architectural Review/Builder Information: Forms & Documents

Architectural Review Committee Information:

Click here for Architectural Review Committee Info

Architectural Review Documents:

DESIGN GUIDELINES (Complete Document)

or DESIGN GUIDELINES (By sections) as follows:

Cover  1 page
Table of Contents  2 pages

I. Introduction 1 page
II. Site/Lot Layout Requirements 4 Pages
III. Natural Buffers 1 Page
IV. Architecture 2 Pages
V. Landscape Requirements 1 Page
VI. Outdoor Lighting Requirements 2 Pages
VII. Docks 1 Page
VIII. Plan Review and Permit Procedures 2 Pages
IX. General Notes 2 Pages
X. Construction Procedures 2 Pages
XI. Fees and Deposits 1 Page

A. Home Plan Submittal Checklist 3 Pages
B. Landscape Plan Checklist 2 Pages
C. Tree Protection Detail 1 Page
D. Pool and/or Screen Enclosure Checklist 2 Pages
E. Master Application, Review and Const. Checklist 2 Pages
F. Lot Layout Field Approval Form 1 Page
G. Signage and Mailboxes   1 Page
H. Culverts and Headwalls 3 Pages
I. Sample Riparian Easement 3 Pages

Founding Declaration (2004)
2nd Amended & Restated Declaration (2014)
First Amendment to 2nd Amended and Restated Declaration (2016)

Brady Point Preserve Plats

* Unit One Plat-Lots 1-57 (Brady Point Road)

* Unit One Re-plat- Tract “A-2”

* Unit Two Plat- Lots 1-19 (Shell Midden Road)

* Unit Two Re-plat- Lot 13 and Tract “A-1”



Cover, Site Plans, Notes, Predevelopment Plans

Geometry Plans

Paving and Drainage Plan

Water and Sewer

Road and Sewer Profiles

Paving, Drainage, Water & Sewer Details

Electronic Forms (eForms)

These forms require builder, owner and architect information; please have it ready when completing the form as the form must be completed and submitted once started.

New Construction
Additions / Modifications
Pools and Patios
Screen Enclosures
Play Structures


Current Construction Plans

These are plans from projects submitted, approved and/or started

View current construction plans


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